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Cold glue labelling machines

Cold glue labelling machinesLabelling products by hand is simply not an option for any business dedicated to success. It’s simply too time-consuming and prone to errors. That’s why you need to invest in the ultimate cold glue labelling machine.

If you’re trying to choose between cold and hot glue remember that cold glue labelling machines are better for heat-sensitive materials and reduce the risk of employees being injured.

Finding the ultimate cold glue labelling machine

Finding a cold glue labelling machine is easier than you think when you enlist the help of Simi Packaging Machines. We’ve been in existence since 1997 and have a strong background in the design and production of labels, as well as machines to make labelling easier and more accurate.

But, it’s not just the technical expertise that we offer. You’ll also find a friendly and informative customer service team are waiting to talk you through every step of your journey.

Cold glue labelling machines

Simi Packaging has several machines worth considering. One of the best options is the Proxima. It’s specifically designed with a rotating base to work with a variety of different shaped containers. It offers 12,000 bph, a stainless steel upper section, and electric height life. You can even add extras, such as adjustments for different types of bottles or an optical orientation device.

Another option is the Sigma, which offers speeds up to 9,000 bph and has a cold glue carousel with several divisions. The machine speed is regulated by an inverter and, again, you can choose between an array of extras to suit your needs perfectly. 

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ROTARY LABELLER mod. "SIGMA" Rotary labeller with group with fixed label magazine, composed of several groups for any shape of containers in either glass or plastic material at production speed up to 8.000/9.000 bph. Main features: Frame upper portion made of...



LABELLER mod. "PROXIMA" Proxima is a labelling machine suitable to apply cold glue labels on cylindrical or shaped containers. Maximum output 12.000 bph. Main features: Frame upper portion made of stainless steel (AISI 304); Transmission infeed/outfeed starwheels with...


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