Via Tagliamento, 2/E – 46045 Marmirolo (MN)

About us

SIMI PACKAGING MACHINES SRL is a company founded in 1997 by three partners (who have become 2 over the years) with experience in the bottling sector.

In the initial phase of its business, the company focused on the design and production of packaging and labelling machines, and then moved on to the sole construction of labelling machines. Thanks to the twenty-year experience of the owners in the sector, SIMI PACKAGING MACHINES SRL has always managed to keep up with the times, building a solid commercial network both in Italy and abroad.


We aim to look for cutting-edge solutions, in order to provide modern and easy-to-use machines. In addition, the use of high-quality raw materials allows us to deliver a long-lasting product to the customer.

Availability and professionalism are our watchwords.


Over the years we have invested many resources in building a solid commercial network in Italy and especially abroad, with particular reference to the territories of Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.).

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