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Automatic round bottle labelling machine

Automatic round bottle labelling machineAs soon as any production business reaches a certain size, automation becomes an essential part of its continued success. In short, you simply can’t keep up with demand unless you streamline the production process.

A great way to do this is by using an automatic round bottle labelling machine. You simply add the bottles and the machine uses hot or cold glue to affix them to the bottle in exactly the same place, every time. Machines can offer labelling speeds of thousands of bottles per hour.

Automatic round bottle labelling machine: meet the manufacturer

Before you commit to an automatic bottle labelling machine, you need to be confident that you have chosen a good manufacturer.

Simi Packaging Machines has been in business for 25 years. We have a wealth of experience dealing with labels and designing machines to adhere them properly to a variety of containers.

Alongside technical expertise, personal knowledge, and a great customer service team, we also offer dedication to creating and supplying the best products on the market.

Take a look at the automatic bottle labelling machines on offer

The Avila Rotex is a stunning machine. It can handle 20,000 bph and is perfect for bottles as well as shaped containers. The top half of the machine is all stainless steel, making cleaning easy. It has an electric or manual height adjuster with a self-adhesive labelling unit fixed in position. There are a variety of extras that can be added, such as servo motors and a master-slave system.

Another great option is the Proxima. This machine uses cold glue to affix the labels to cylindrical and shaped containers. Again, offering maximum flexibility. It has speeds of 12,000 bph and uses geared transmission for in and out feeds.  This machine also has an array of optional extras, including combining it with a hot melt unit or using a bottom notch orientation method.

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