Via Tagliamento, 2/E – 46045 Marmirolo (MN)



Rotary labeller with group with fixed label magazine, composed of several groups for any shape of containers in either glass or plastic material at production speed up to 8.000/9.000 bph.

Main features:

  • Frame upper portion made of stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • Transmission infeed/outfeed starwheels with gear;
  • Machine speed regulation by means of inverter;
  • Electric or manual height lifting;
  • Cold glue labelling unit with 2 or 3 divisions placed on fixed carriage around the carousel Touch screen 7’’;
  • Safety guards in polycarbonate and safety stoprunning complying with CE standards;
  • Electrical and pneumatic systems comply with EEC and international standards.


  • Right conveyor (infeed and outfeed) with pulling motor, inverter and idle wheel
  • Ink jet or hot codifier
  • Additional equipment to handle several types of bottles
  • Servomotors / Step by step motors
  • Bottom notch orientation or lateral notch orientation device
  • Optical orientation device by means of photocells, fibres or cameras
  • Rejection system
  • Possible combination with adhesive or hot melt units
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