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LABELLERS Этикетировочные автоматы со скидкой Этикетировочные автоматы бывшего использования, реновированные переносчики акцизной марки самоклеящаяся линейная "AVILA LINE S2 E2" самоклеящаяся линейная "AVILA LINE S1 E1" самоклеящаяся ротационная "AVILA" с нанесением холодного клея "BAHIA" на клею "PROXIMA" на клею "BETA" на клею "SIGMA"


The self-adhesive labelling machine mod. "AVILA LINE S2.E2" is situable to apply body and back labels on cylindrical or flat containers made of plastic or glass. This machine is available in various models according to the production speed, from 0 to 6000 BPH, and the number of labels to be applied on each single container. Self-adhesive labelling technology has become increasingly attractive to many industries, due to the elimination of label change parts and the ability to apply laceration-proof labels. The application of the label occurs by means of a self-adhesive unit with detacher directly on the container. The top surface of the labelling machine, the side panels, the bottle sliding surfaces and the conveyor belt are all made entirely of stainless steel. Moreover, all painted surfaces are smooth and rounded with no sharp corners. This facilities the cleaning operations and allows any split liquid to drain away. This machine is driven by a three-phase current motor with manual system for speed variation by means of inverter that is on the control panel situated on the operator side and full with control unit for change-over operations. The outside coil diameter is 280/300 mm, the inside coil diameter is 40 mm; if requested we supply supports with bigger coil diameter dimension.

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- Hot printer;
- Bottle accumulation table at discharge (fixed or rotating).